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Service Fee
Non-refundable Admin-fee R250
Cleaning/Laundry/Ironing Daily rate R350 p/d
Babysitting Daily rate R350 p/d
Au Pair R450 p/d provider not using their own car
R550 p/d provider using their own car
Daily admin fee rate R8.33
Monthly rate Babysitting R4500 (R150 per day)
Monthly rate Housekeeping R4500
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Service Fee
Babysitting R50 p/h one child
R25 extra for each additional child
Cleaning/Laundry/Ironing R60 p/h
Base rate (Applies to all services) R15
Au Pair R75 p/h without their own car
R85 p/h using their own car

All billing should be paid into the Affluence Oak account
Account Name: Affluence Oak (Pty) Ltd
Account Type: Business Account
Account Number: 62858892849
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)

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