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Booking Inquiry

Bookings made through call and whatsapp consultations

Service Fee
Non-refundable Admin-fee R250
Cleaning/Laundry/Ironing Daily rate R300 p/d
Babysitting Daily rate R300 p/d
Au Pair R450 p/d provider not using their own car
R550 p/d provider using their own car
Daily admin fee rate R8.33
Monthly rate Babysitting R4500 (R150 per day)
Monthly rate Housekeeping R4500
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Bookings made through our on-demand app

Service Fee
Babysitting R50 p/h one child
R25 extra for each additional child
Cleaning/Laundry/Ironing R60 p/h
Base rate (Applies to all services) R15
Au Pair R75 p/h without their own car
R85 p/h using their own car

Booking Form

The rate on bookings made through our interactive booking form will be calculated according to the service and the details specified by the client

All billing should be paid into the Affluence Oak account
Account Name: Affluence Oak (Pty) Ltd
Account Type: Business Account
Account Number: 62858892849
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)