Rules & Regulations

Follow the rules below:

This section is based on rules and regulations that everyone must follow. For example, using Smart Maid apps to commit any crime or to violate any other rule is prohibited.


Customers and Nannies should comply with general hygiene rules. When with small children, it's the account holder's responsibility to ensure that proper hygiene is obeyed.

Tips to customer

When requesting for a nanny to take care of small children, it's your responsibility to provide necessary hygiene kits and ensuring that it is easy for the nanny to carry out hygiene precautions. Children requiring a baby bag and all necessary kits should be provided to the Nanny.

Tips to nanny

When accepting to become a Nanny, remember you are dealing with small children, you should give extra time to properly sanitizing, dressing neatly and carry out all necessary hygiene rules. If you have reached a customer's residence, ensure that the customer provides all necessary kit or materials required to take care of the kids within the time of your working hours else you can decide to cancel the job if you feel any form of inconvenience before starting the job. Note that refusing or cancelling jobs on this basis will not impact your Nanny rating.

Drugs and alcohol

Drug use and alcohol are never allowed while using the Smart Maid app.

Tips to Customer

If you have reason to believe your Nanny may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, ask the Nanny to end the Job immediately. After the Nanny has ended the Job, report your experience to Smart Maid.

Tips to Nanny

By law, you cannot take care of kids while intoxicated. The law prohibits Babysitting while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that impairs your ability to safely account for the wellbeing of the infant under your care. If you encounter a customer who is too drunk or rowdy, you have the right to decline the Job for your own safety too.


Nannies are prohibited from carrying firearms of any kind while using the Smart maid apps, to the extent permitted by applicable law.


Deception can weaken trust and also be dangerous. Intentionally falsifying information or assuming someone else's identity, for example when signing in or undergoing a security check, isn't allowed

Provide accurate information when reporting incidents, creating and accessing your accounts, disputing charges or fees, and requesting credits. Only request fees or refunds that you're entitled to, and use offers, and promos only as intended. Don't knowingly complete invalid transactions.

Property damage

Damaging property is never allowed. Some examples include damaging the children's kits, toys such as bikes etc, breaking or vandalizing a gadget; intentionally spilling food or drink; smoking in a house; or vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption or otherwise. If you damage property, you're responsible for the cost of cleaning and repair fees, outside of normal wear and tear.

Unacceptable activities

Never harm the business or brand by doing things like using Smart Maid's trademark or intellectual property without permission.

Tips to nanny

Nannies should only use Smart Maid's trade dress that is distributed by Smart Maid or verified partners. The use of unauthorized or third-party items such as placards, signs, or similar items bearing Smart Maid's name or trademark is highly prohibited.