About Us

Smart Maid is a division of Affluence Oak which was register to create employment using advanced technology. Since its launch in South Africa on 1 August 2020, it has created employment for several maids and baby sitters who now take pride in their profession.

We are professionalising the services you need in the house and in the office such as maid, babysitting, electrical work, plumbing work etc. We aim to make this informal sector formal by professionalising it. This objective will be achieved through the use of technology that enables the providers to work at their own pace and the users to get services when required. In addition, our service providers are well trained in their areas of specialisation.

Our app is such that enable users to make requests on the touch of a button, where needed and when needed. Background checks is done on all our service providers to give users peace of mind. The service is on the basis of pay as you go. You pay only for what you use without hidden charges which enables financial planning.

One of our services providers commented at launch that “I feel like a millionaire”. We intend to make millionaires out of a profession that have been looked down upon and neglected by the society. Our service providers serve with pride.

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