Frequently Asked Questions:

Using a new product or service might be a bit confusing and we're happy to assist our customers when they make their first steps with Smart Maid. Below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions we're getting from our first customers. Hope you'll find them useful.

How to request a Maid?

To request a Maid follow the next steps:

  • When you open the app, you will have to choose a category, amongst "More Kids" or "1 or 2 Kids" or "Book a maid" or "Book a Cleaner"
  • When you have chosen a category, now you have to "choose job location", the app will set your job location via GPS;
  • if you need to change the location, type in your exact address. You can also input your destination there;
  • choose "Request".
  • If you're getting message "Provider not available", Its means there are no available Providers within a 100KM Radius. Please wait a couple of minutes and try to request again.

How are the tariffs calculated?

Smart Maid fare is calculated as a sum of base fare, fare per hour of the job. The following tariffs for Smart Maid are: R20 - base fare, R50 per hour. By selecting the appropriate category, in the app, you can see approximate tariff for the base fare and Hourly rate on the screen.

Is it possible to schedule a Nanny request?

Yes, it is possible. Smart Maid platform always allows you to schedule and send your request to the nearest maid.

What is cancellation fee?

In Smart Maid we appreciate the provider's time and, thus, we always compensate the time spent on the job to the customer if the job never took place. In that case, user can be charged with a volume of R20 or more, if:

  • you cancelled job more than 5 minutes after your job has accepted the request
  • you cancelled job more than 5 minutes after provider has started the job

User doesn't get charged for cancellation fee, if:

  • you cancelled job request during first 5 minutes after making request
  • If you something went wrong, you can notify maid via call or sms.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, you can.

How can I become a Smart Maid?

To become a Smart Maid-partner, please fill out a form on the website www.smartmaid.app Download the app and we'll contact you.

How can I credit my wallet?

This can be done using your credit or debit card

Maid app: FAQs

Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions about the Provider's app

How do I turn auto-navigation on?

Upon launching the app you will be requested to turn it on or just turn on your location from the top of your phone

How can I control what types of Job requests I receive?

Upon registration you will have to indicate the services you are able to provide or a customer care agent will contact you

How do I request for Payout?

This is easy, once logged into the app, go to wallet and click withdrawal

Can I accept cash from the client?

Yes you can, however if the cash you have collected is more than the available balance you have on your wallet, this puts your account in a minus state of R50, you will be asked to make payment